Frequently Asked Questions

What chemicals do you use and is it safe for kids and pets?

The main chemical component is bifenthrin. The barrier spray is a reproduction of an organic, environmentally safe and completely biodegradable substance which is derived from the extract of the African chrysanthemum flower. Bifenthrin is similar to the toxicity of a hair lice treatment and is EPA approved. As a safety precaution, please allow 30 minutes for the product to dry before allowing people and pets to enter the yard.

Is the treatment effective against other pests?

Our product is effective primarily against mosquitoes; however, other insect populations can be reduced as well. Our product can reduce the number of fleas, ticks, gnats, flies as the spray will kill these insects upon contact. However, it is not a long term repellent against these insects.

What is the difference between and event spray and a regular spray?

An event spray is for parties and events when there are 10 or more people in the yard at one time. The reason for this is our product works in two ways: first, the spray will eliminate mosquitoes and other small insects on contact. Second, the spray repels mosquitoes. Our product has a scent added to the spray (we don't smell it, but mosquitoes do) that repels mosquitoes and keeps them out of your yard. So instead of smelling humans, mosquitoes smell the scent and stay away. The repellent scent lasts for 21 days. The reason we suggest a double spray for parties and events is because when there are more than 10 guests in the yard, the scent of multiple people tends to over power the scent of the spray, rendering it less effective. By treating with a double spray we put a double application down, hence making the scent stronger, and therefore providing adequate protection for you and your guests.

How does the Barrier Spray work?

Our trained technicians use a fogging system that kills mosquitoes that come in contact with the spray. The technician will apply product to the grass, shrubs & plants, and any low lying tree branches. The spray also leaves a residual that lasts for 21 days that will repel and eliminate mosquitoes that enter your yard. As an added feature we use a larvicide in standing water, which many competitors charge extra! We do not spray edible gardens/ponds/pools.

Will the Barrier Spray eliminate all mosquitoes?

No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito and biting insect. As you might imagine, a mosquito from a neighboring property could fly into your yard and bite you before feeding on the treated foliage. However, you’ll find that the presence of mosquitoes drastically reduced.

Remember THE MOSQUITO TROOP Guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with our service between sprays we will come and re-treat your yard FREE!

Does anyone need to be home at time of treatment? How will I know if the treatment was done if I'm not home?

No one needs to be home at time of treatment. To allow the technician access, gates should be unlocked and pets should be inside. Our trained professionals will take note of any relevant information (i.e. gate code, etc) when you sign up. The technician will leave a post card at the door noting time of service or if any problems were encountered.

What time of year are mosquitoes present?

Mosquitoes hatch and begin to be present when temperatures are consistently 65 degrees and warmer. We typically begin spraying in March and continue through October.

Does rain/irrigation/lawn watering impact the effectiveness of the treatment?

Once the product has had time to dry (around 30 minutes), the treatment becomes water resistant so rain and watering shouldn't impact the effectiveness. Of course, the biggest indicator of whether the treatment has become ineffective is the presence of mosquitoes. Keep in mind we do guarantee our treatments for 21 days so if you are bothered by mosquitoes, let us know and we will apply a touch up treatment at no cost.

We also monitor the weather forecast closely and it's always a risk on cloudy days whether to spray or cancel. Since the weather forecast can change on a day to day basis, the decision to postpone treatments is usually a last minute one. If the forecast calls for heavy thunderstorms, we will reschedule treatment and notify you via email.

How long after the spray can my pets and kids re-enter the yard?

30 minutes! Although the barrier spray is safe for kids and pets, they must stay out of the yard until the spray dries. This process takes 30 minutes at which time it is safe to re-enter the treated areas.

Why do you advertise your rates online when your competitors don't?

We at THE MOSQUITO TROOP pride ourselves on providing all information to our customers upfront, especially the price!

Are you Licensed and Insured?


Why are your prices so much lower then your competitors?

We at THE MOSQUITO TROOP understand that finances are a bit tight so we are doing our part to make our services affordable to everyone while still maintaining our excellent service! We are locally owned and operated and not part of a mega franchise, helping us keep our operating expenses low!

Mosquito Facts

    • Only female mosquitoes bite
    • There are 170 different types of mosquitoes in the united states
    • One female mosquito can be responsible for millions of descendants
    • Mosquitoes carry encephalitis, malaria, dengue fever, west nile virus and yellow fever
    • Mosquito eggs require water to hatch and can survive for 7 years as eggs before hatching
    • The blood mosquitoes gather is to produce viable eggs
    • Mosquitoes have very poor eye sight and use thermal receptors to locate blood near the surface of your skin, these receptors are three times as strong when the humidity is high
    • A mosquito develops from egg to adulthood in 4 to 7 days
    • A mosquito can sense their blood host/pray from up to 100 feet away


    Flea Facts:

    • Fleas can live for about 100 days
    • Females produce 400-500 offspring in a lifetime
    • Fleas can jump 8' (150 times their own weight)